Decolonizing Hispaniola Reading List

Decolonizing Hispaniola Reading List

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To respect the wholeness of the past means leaving it open for inquiry, to refuse to neutralize the contingencies of history by transforming them into safe zones- David Herzenberger "Narrating the Past"

We have embarked on a radical mission to reclaim Haitian and Dominican history, reject Eurocentric history books that were written with an agenda, and create the first shared historical narrative of the island to emphasize that history never happens silos. we seek to transform dominant paradigms in Dominican and Haitian knowledge production, political culture, and pedagogy that reproduce class exploitation, gender violence, and social exclusion on the basis of citizenship, sexuality, language, culture, phenotype, and ability.

The reading list includes links to books, articles, research papers, documentaries, podcasts, etc starting from the 1500s to the present-day for a holistic understanding of Haiti and the DR.

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