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What we do


In Cultured Company sow the seeds of peace, conflict resolution, reconciliation, collaboration, healing and dialog in young black and Latinx leaders in order to move from a divided past towards a shared future.

We curate unique experiences, facilitate intimate gatherings, and design educational tools and resources to deconstruct the divisions that have defined the diaspora across historic chasms and promote transformational change in the next generation of leaders.

Our combined cultural competencies and expertise serve only as a resource and sounding board for communities and students  to understand and design their own solutions to seemingly intractable conflicts.

We act as facilitators, involving the community in tailoring our model to their specific needs each and every time and training a new generation of community leaders to own the difficult work of conflict resolution, healing, social justice and truth and reconciliation for their own collective liberation.

In Cultured Comapny
In Cultured Company

how we do it

To lay the foundation for transformational change, In Cultured Company specialized in two types of workshops because we believe that everyone must be provided with the same tools to understand a conflict before it can be resolved.

First, facilitators from the community bring communities with historic tensions together to help the participants deconstruct historical myths and traumas and guide the dialog process between the two groups. Next, community leaders are taught the conflict resolution skills to commit to the enduring work of making peace within their own communities.

The goal is to understand differences, hold space to learn each others common experiences, and reimagine a shared future without conflict. The final act of building bridges occurs during the Reconciliation Retreat.