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In Cultured Company builds bridges

where others have built barriers 


In Cultured Company sow the seeds of peace, conflict resolution, reconciliation, collaboration, and dialog in young black and Latinx leaders in order to move from a divided past towards a shared future.

We curate unique experiences, facilitate intimate gatherings, and design educational tools and resources to deconstruct the divisions that have defined the diaspora across historic chasms and promote transformational change in the next generation of leaders.

We build bridges where others have built barriers.


What We Do 

Decolonizing Knowledge Workshops

In Cultured Company engages participants in a unique understanding of how historical narratives have promoted identities and worldviews shaped by conflict. Facilitators convene communities with historic tensions together to help the participants deconstruct historical myths, propaganda, and historical traumas, guiding the dialog process between the two groups. The goal is to understand differences, hold space to learn about each others common experiences, and reimagine a shared future without conflict.

Conflict Resolution Class

Peace is a deliberate act. Understanding that change requires ongoing action, participants who have taken part in the decolonization workshop can move on to learning conflict resolution skills and how to build empathy, share power, and work within their own community to commit to the enduring work of making peace.  

Reconciliation Retreats

Reconciliation Retreats combine a wide range of innovative approaches and analysis into healing activities, intensive multi-day seminars, cultural exchanges, customized trainings, and innovative approaches with leaders scholars, practitioners, and activists. It’s a rare opportunity to bring community leaders together to build upon the work done at the Decolonization and Resolution workshops in an in depth and intimate way. Participants leave ready to engage their local communities in the work of reconciliation.

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